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August 2018 Australia Report

We thought we would show you whats happening down under in Australia this
It’s technically mid-winter here, so we have just missed the fresh drops of our
wintery clothes but when they first came in it was clear that fluffy teddy jackets
were a thing. In cute colours too, like candy pinks and blues and also browns and
Chunky boots and high waisted “paper bag waist” pants and shorts are popular
here and so are crops even in winter - they are worn under those fluffy jackets!
Cropped knits and pull over sweaters (with raw cut hems) are here, our pants are all high waisted. Low waisted is not a thing here.
Checks are peering through and will probably keep going for us here and turn into
lighter checked prints for spring. We are seeing lots of tie up features on the sides of skirts and dresses (wrapped to the side and then tied in a knot). We have seen it in thick wintery style over the winter, and now they have peaking through with our new spring drops, Rattan bags (aka basketweave bags) are here! They are styled with most of our new arrivals and for the edgier stores they have fanny packs belts! We think its pretty fair to say there is a button trend, its brown and sometimes called tortoise shell. If there is an linen item you can be pretty sure its got a tortoise shell button down with it! Even the denim skirts have them. We can also see them in our accessories now too - probably here to stay headed into Spring/Summer. You will enjoy the report! Contact us today.